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One token means that one analysis can be done. You can purchase tokens on-line at buy tokens page.

Analysis type is a method of X-ray evaluation. It requires certain landmarks to be placed and measurements created and reports delivered. An example of analysis type is: Ricketts, Sassouni, Downs, ...

Patient identifier needs to be written before the image is sent to tracing. Most usualy this is going to be the patient name, family name, DOB or only registration number or other identifier in patient records.

In this case we will subtract your tokens for 1 point and close the case.

In order for us to add an analysis type to WeDoCeph we need its detailed specification: points, planes arcs with description, measurements with its standard values (mean value and standard deviation), other explanation which will help us to deliver reports according to the requirements (measurement groups, report type, ...). The analysis type creation is free for a user who has spent and is going to spend at least 50 tokens.

WeDoCeph accepts different types of raster formats such as for example: jpg, png and also 2D Dicom format.

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