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The tedious task of manual tracing of cephalometric landmarks and silhouettes on lateral and PA x-rays can be left behind. Let WeDoCeph do this work for you within seconds.

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1. Getting analysis done

1.1 Tracing example – a case study

Learn how to upload an x-ray image, add patient information and send to tracing.

1.2 Adding an x-ray image

To start the analysis, a lateral or PA skull x-ray image needs to be added. See how easy it is to upload PNG, BMP, JPG and DICOM format x-ray images.

1.3 Calibration

After you upload an x-ray image, the calibration mode opens. Watch how to use the calibration tool so that distance measurements will have correct readings.

1.4 Adding additional analysis data

After the x-ray image is uploaded and calibrated, some additional data needs to be entered. Watch how this is done.

1.5 Repository

The Repository is where you go to find the analyses that have been traced. Learn about the filtering option and other features.

1.6 Analysis results

Every analysis result can be viewed in detail. See which report types and other options are available for use.

2. Editing analysis

2.1 Open the analysis editor

An amazing tool that allows you to edit/move cephalometric landmarks, silhouettes, change visibility state, and so on.

2.2 Editor layout

See what tools are offered in the analysis editor.

2.3 Moving a tracing point

There are two different point types that can be moved within WeDoCeph analysis editor. Learn how to move cephalometric landmarks.

2.4 Editing soft tissue silhouette

Automatic tracing is very precise and traces the face profile of a sharp and good radiograph image with high accuracy. Learn how to make final touches if your x-ray image is not of good quality.

2.5 Editing hard tissue

All hard tissue, except the mandible profile, is driven by hard tissue points. Learn how to change the hard tissue silhouette by moving specific points.

3. Other

3.1 Custom analysis type

WeDoCeph offers an extensive library of measurement analysis type protocols. If needed, our team can also create additional analysis type protocols according to your specific needs.

Clear that X-ray stack!

WeDoCeph will help you clear up the stack of x-ray images that is building up on your desk in no time. Start sending X-ray images to tracing today and save hours of your valuable time.

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