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Simply upload your lateral or PA X-rays and let Artificial Intelligence lift the burden of manual tracing off your shoulders.

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Upload an X-ray

Simply click and select a lateral or PA skull X-ray image or drag & drop it for the tracing.

Let AI trace

Enjoy a sip of your hot tea while Artificial Intelligence engine traces and makes an analysis.

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Receive the cephalometric results within seconds to review, print and analyze.

WeDoCeph complies with all essential requirements of medical device directive 93/42/EEC and is developed under EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

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Make first 3 ceph analyses for free.

We know WeDoCeph will become the way you do your orthodontic cephalometric analyses if you just try it.

That is why we are giving you a chance to make your first 3 analyses with WeDoCeph for free. Full functionality. No time limit.

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  • Simple drag and drop x-ray submission
  • Choice of variety of analysis types
  • Precise manual calibration for best results
  • Multiple format reports view and download
  • No monthly or yearly subscription fee
  • Tokens that never expire
Send to tracing

Submit an X-ray and patient data in two steps

Simply drag & drop a lateral or PA skull X-ray and enter the analysis' parameters such as analysis type, patient's identifier, age and sex.

Submitting an x-Ray to cephalometric tracing in WeDoCeph.
Processing and positioning cephalometric landmarks with artificial intelligence in WeDoCeph
Artificial Intelligence

Let AI trace cephalometric landmarks for you

Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence engine will automatically trace cephalometric landmarks, planes, arcs, and both soft and hard tissue silhouettes which form a solid base for cephalometric analysis.

Your repository

Browse your repository of analyses results

Results of cephalometric analyses you submit are delivered to your repository in seconds. From there, you can select a patient with their done analysis to view, download, copy & paste or print the results.

Browsing results in WeDoCeph repository of cephalometric results.

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Additional services

Looking beyond online cephalometry?

Unlock additional value for your orthodontic clinic with our proprietary desktop software AudaxCeph and option of custom analysis types development.

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Custom analysis

We offer an extensive library of analysis types but we can also provide an analysis type catered to your specific needs.

Downstream apps

Our AudaxCeph Ultimate software can help your clinic with features like Skull growth, VTO, Superimpositions and database.

Clear that X-ray stack!

WeDoCeph will help you clear up the stack of x-ray images that is building up on your desk in no time. Start sending X-ray images to tracing today and save hours of your valuable time.

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